Capability Development

I liked the 5S Simulation Game, which was very helpful to understand the 5S Principles very easily.

Mr.Viswa M Pannala

Engineer, WABCO India Limited

Understanding the relationship between the Customer Demand and Cycle Time and Line Balancing through simulation games is far excellent

Mr Ganesh Kumar

Senior Engineer, WABCO India

The workshop was very interactive, fun and informative

Mr Sivaprakash

Director, Kumaraswami Printing Press, Tirupur

Best about the workshop was, it made us understand the concept very easily with nice practical explanations.

Mr KP Prakash

General Manager, Amazing Export Corporation, Tirupur

Sessions were very interactive and understandable. Overall, it was learning with Fun & enjoyment

Mr. Gangadharan

Asst Manager, Wabco India Limited

Very good learning sessions for me to understand the basic Lean principles.

Mr.Praveen Kumar

Senior Engineer, EATON Power Quality

The Lean concepts were explained in a very simple and understandable manner. I could relate them to my organization easily. Will try to implement as much as possible

Mr.Prabhu SP

CEO, JV Overseas Exports

I liked the Lean concepts, 5S, Yamazumi Chart, – learning all these with experiential LEAN simulation games

Mr. Balavant Singh

Asst Manager, TaeguTec India Pvt. Ltd

The Concepts were explained very well in the sessions.


Sr Manager-Opex, Eaton

Assembly Line simulation was very interesting and fun to learn. It was indeed a great exposure.

Ms Sarita

Executive Director, WTT Technology Services

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