All about Lean Simulation Training!!

What is Lean Simulation Training ?

Real world conditions are simulated using interesting and simple games. Participants implement Lean in this simulated condition and see the impact instantly. In other words, participants learn the Lean techniques / tools by practicing them on their own Learning by doing refers to a theory of education expounded by American philosopher John Dewey. He said that learning should be relevant and practical, not just passive and theoretical. Lean   simulation trainings transform the so-called non-believers of Lean into experts of Lean concepts. Post training, the participants gets rid of all their scepticism and return to their real workplace with the confidence that they can implement Lean and get all those dramatic benefits



Why Lean Simulation Training ?

Compared with all other modes of training, doing it by hands is the best. The learning process very effective when one does it themselves. In a simulation training, participants get opportunity to learn by doing it on their own.


What are included in Lean Simulation Training !!

  1. Flow Production Simulation

Participants will set-up a production line to produce products. There will be Assembly operators, quality control, logistics, plant manager and customer.

Using a KPI board, they start with assembling the products with conventional method and measure the performance. They implement improvements (learning) and see how KPIs are also improving. Similarly, they will implement, round after round major concepts like, flow production, Line balancing and Pull flow.

End of the game, they realize how effective the Flow production methodology compared to the conventional production method.

  1. 5S Simulation :

An interesting game to understand the simple yet powerful tool called 5S. It is fun and the same most of the participants remember the 5S better from this game than from any other form of learning.


  1. Poka-Yoke Simulation :

How defects pass through the people and process and end up at customer’s hands. Participants practically see this happening in this game. Also, they develop some Poka-yoke concepts to prevent/detect the defects/errors.


  1. 7 Wastes Simulation :

This video simulation training is designed in such a way that the participants learn to see the wastes. It is a great exercise which equips them with the precious experience of seeing the wastes. They develop this capability in the game which becomes very handy once they return to their actual work places


  1. Standard Process Simulation:

The importance of standard work is learnt through this game. From what it looked like a very difficult challenge to a smooth task once process standardization is done.

Very interesting and funny game as well wherein the participants enjoy the learning process.






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